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Alright, so I'm looking to build a new system early July which would be primarily for gaming. My budget is 1500 USD although i can a bit higher.

Here is what i have so far:

I am planning on waiting until the 4870 comes out to get a video card, and unless they are terrible, i won't be going nvidia because of their pricepoint (unless a miracle happens). As such, i have not included the video card.

For the motherboard, i am not sure what i want to be getting. I know i do not want nvidia becuase i will never be using SLI. I will potentially end up crossfiring later though. So i am probably looking at a X38/X48 motherboard or possibly a P45 if that is any good at overclock (which i plan to do on my computer).

Also, should i get the velociraptor? I mean, its good, but its ridiculousy priced. Should i get a seagate 7200.11 and save the money for the mobo/video card?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. List doesnt work...paste it directly here

    Then I can help!! :D
  2. Looks great.....

    Generally u dont need to bother with drives like that unless u care about a 2 sec. faster load....
    Other choice is the .11s or the WD 640AAKS
    I would rather put the money to mobo, cpu, or the GPU

    P45 has been looking great, but atm nothing is definite.
    X38/X48 are good. The Asus Maximus Formula are Rampage tend to be the best and most popular
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