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Help! What card should I get?

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June 25, 2008 6:52:46 PM

So I have an EVGA 8800GT right now that I recently bought. I was stupid before and assumed that the GTX260/280 would be the next card I would get and so I bought it from EVGA with the purpose of stepping up (which is stupid, I know), so I ended up buying the EVGA AKIMBO SC 8800GT with the 720MHz clock. Now that (almost) all of the new cards are out and available, I have a bunch of different options and I don't know what to do! I could:

  • stick with my current card. the cheapest option, but not the most performance for my money, I suspect.
  • step up to a 9800GTX+ if and when it becomes an option. I could spend just a little bit more money for this card. I'm not sure about the performance differences.
  • step up to an 8800GT with 1024MB VGA RAM. This will basically give me the same card for the same price with more VGA RAM. I really have very little idea how much of a difference this would give me. I would lose the factory overclock of my current card also this way.
  • step up to a GTX260. Currently the GTX260 is not available to the EVGA step-up but if it does become available in the next month or so, it's an option.
  • step up to a 9800GX2. This is a pretty expensive option, but it gives me power for cheaper than the GTX280.
  • step up to a GTX280. This is expensive, but it uses less power than the 9800GX2, and when I buy a new motherboard, if i decide to go the nForce route, I could eventually do SLi of some sort.
  • sell the card on eBay/craigslist and buy an AMD/ATI HD4850/4870. I really kinda don't wanna do this because it means I'm losing value selling the card I have now.
  • step up to something really new that I can sell close to retail price on eBay and buy one of the AMD/ATI HD 4850/4870 cards. this is clever clever clever... but probably won't work.

    So yeah... any advice?
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    June 25, 2008 7:02:02 PM

    Does you current card do everything you need it to do?

    If I was in that position I would keep the current card until the next refresh or wait until price drop.

    I currently have a X1900GT that is why I got the HD4850, I recieve it today.

    June 25, 2008 7:08:17 PM

    I would wait if you can. I was waiting for dx10.1 and built in physx but no one has that yet. I heard that the step up program expires after a certain amount of time, if that is the case I would get a step up too a GTX280, but it might go obsolete by then end of year. 600 doller card for just six months..yuck
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    June 25, 2008 7:13:13 PM

    yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of the GTX280 due to the price/performance. i have 63 days left of step up. This is *not enough* to look for another refresh (unless a company decides to surprise us all and bang out another card in another month). The GTX280 has the performance, the price is just way too much in my opinion. plus the review said it was noisy...
    June 25, 2008 7:37:46 PM

    noisy??????? What......I can't hear you over my 12 case fans..hahahahaha
    June 25, 2008 7:42:50 PM

    haha, yeah. the problem is that I sleep in the same room as my computer and I like to do folding@home at night so a quieter card is good... that's why I ended up going for a dual-slot cooler (that puts hot air out the back) for my existing card. I actually have 8 case fans, a northbridge fan, cpu fan, and memory fan as it is (I kinda go overboard when it goes to fans...i don't' know why... they just help make my world go 'round), but they're all quiet tolerable. i just don't want some crazy vacuum cleaner going while I sleep, y'know