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So my friend brought over his computer because it failed to boot. I opened up the case to check the cables and everything is attatched correctly. I started it up and it shows the initial booting screen (the one where it shows how much ram you have etc) but then its just a black screen, nothing more. I also noticed that the LEDs on my keyboard started to dimm after a little while. Im really not sure what could be wrong with it, im pretty sure its the bios but it could also be the power supply. Any toughts on the problem?

This is his motherboard

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  1. Have you tried using a boot disk to see if the OS just got really corrupted? It could be a power problem but to test that you would need to either swap his out for another one or try to disconnect as many extras as possible to see if you can get it to boot.
  2. if it was windows you get a windows failure

    sounds like hard ware pul all the cables excpet the os hard drive see if it boots, if so plug back in at a time

    if not

    put the os disc in and run repair


    google how to fix boot - boot.ini coruption its pretty easy
  3. It refuses to even boot from the windows xp cd, i belive the motherboard is fried :/.
  4. Try replacing the harddrive. If that doesn't work then it's probably the motherboard.
  5. Nah its not the hard drive for sure, otherwise it would have booted from the cd (scince the process doesnt use the hard drive).
  6. you are mistaken, any damaged component still connected can cause all kinds of errors. First pull all the cards (reseat the video card) and cables to optical drives and hard discs. reseat memory and processor. Try to boot before reconnecting cards and drives. then go from there
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