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Ok so here's the deal, I have a major itch for an upgrade and I finally have a little bit of income I can dispose of, and this looks like one of the best time for an upgrade as well.

So current specs: Asus n570sli MB, 4gb ddr2 800, amd x2 4000+ oc'd @ 2.3 ghz, Nvidia 8800 gts 320mb, 2 250gb hard drives, etc...

Ok so my main concerns are the processor and graphics card. I really REALLY want to get a 4870 when they are in stock. My concern, however is that my processor is bottle necking me with my current specs, and so would be even worse with a far better gpu. Also if I upgrade the processor I want to get a new motherboard, most likely an amd790 one (I know but I like the idea of having a complete system :) ).

So basically my conundrum is this: Buy the graphics card now and upgrade processor/mb at a later date, do it vice-versa, or buy proc/mb and a 4850 now. Honestly I'm leaning towards the 4870, but if my proc is in fact a large bottle neck then I would re consider. Advice? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hd4870 have been released on newegg i think. Maybe get a 5000+ BE or the 9850 BE phenom and the amd790 mobo, they fixed the real shirry oc'ing for the phenom on the SB700 southbridge which 'should' come with the a790. You might need a new psu for all this.
    I'd say get the 5000BE and a 4850. Shouldnt be too xpensive.
  2. I'm in a very similar situation (see specs below). My decision is to not put any more money into this computer until I can do a full CPU/Motherboard/RAM upgrade. My suggestion to you (unfortunately) is to get some lotion for that itch and do the same. :cry:

    -Wolf sends
  3. i would say upgrade your motherboard and cpu first (maybe new cpu cooler), then get the graphics card. its a good time to go and buy a motherboard but the brand new cards are just out and will cost you an arm and a leg
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