CPU Overheating - Fan problem???

Hi all,

I had a problem with my first build, and I wondered if you guys could help me out. I have a q9300 seated on evga's 790i motherboard. To amp up the cooling, I purchased a 92mm Arctic Freezer 7 Pro. After applying the some heat transfer compound and some serious headaches getting the clips to fit in correctly, I FIRED IT UP!!!

Well, it was fun as hell until about minute 15 when I got some software to view my temps. It idles just under 60C. My question pertains to my cooling - I can't get the fan to change speeds at all and it seems to be set fairly low. I wired some of the fans together, which got me worried because the voltage may have been spread out too much. However, when it first boots the fans are going like crazy.

How do I stop my CPU from hating me?
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  1. If you wire them in parallel, voltage doesn't "spread out" or drop, current does. If you wire them in series then the voltage "spreads out"and current stays the same. As far as the temps, I'll let the guys that own this stuff help on that, if you wanna tell me how you wired them together, I can help w that part.
  2. Try remounting your cooler. Thats normally the issue.
  3. The temps on your Q9300 shouldn't exceed 35c at idle with the stock cooler, if your getting sub 28, you've got a good chip. As far as being unable to change speeds check you manual for correct connection.
  4. Did you remove the preapplied thermal paste before applying your "heat transfer compound" and what was it that you applied. If you have to much thermal goo it will act as an inslulator and raise your temps.

    Besides that, try removing, cleaning and reinstalling your cooler. The mounting of the AC Freezer 7 Pro is not suposed to be hard. Is it hitting on anything that may be affecting contact with the CPU?
  5. Thanks for the thoughts.

    Outlw6669 - I did not remove the Intel's pre-applied thermal paste before adding a small amount of arctic silver thermal paste. I'll try cleaning it off completely and reapplying for better results.

    royalcrown - I connected two of the case fans and a disc drive in parallel, and I removed the yellow fan speed control wire from the motherboard. However, they do not run at full speed at any time other than startup. I am using FANSPEED to control the speed, but there is no change.
  6. Go into the BIOS and check the temps there; there should also be fan speed/temp settings in the BIOS -- some sort of speed control is normally enabled there by default.
    What do you mean by "... I removed the yellow fan speed control wire from the motherboard."?
  7. technically, removing that wire would give it unregulated fan speed. but i'd plug it into a different fan header to do so. at this point you should reconnect that wire if its not messed up, and leave it alone. OR plug fan straight into power supply with an adapter and manually regulate it that way.
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