Cant install OS on RAID 0 partition?

Hello there :-)

ive been reading lots on RAID configurations and decided to build up my own, after trying and reading lots (yea im new to the thing, im not much of an IT expert :(() i finally managed to get windows OS setup to show the array, but when i try to install OS on it, it tells me the installer wasnt able to create partitions for the OS install or something similar, i cant remember exactly. please advise

and btw
im not using the EXACT models of hard drives for the array but they are of the same manufacturer, that wont be a problem since i was able to assign the array right?

thanks beforehand :) I'd really appreciate it if i can get more help with this.
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  1. Normally you just loose the capacity difference between two drives, but if you don't even two identical disks; is RAID worth the trouble? If you buy an SSD sometime in the future you don't need RAID to increase performance, since SSDs can be up to 10000%+ faster than mechanical harddrives depending on test method.

    If you do wish to get it working, you need RAID drivers during windows setup and press F6 during setup loading to load the additional drivers. Windows XP can only read these from floppy disk (innovation thanks to monopoly). 10 years later and Windows 7 can read these from USB stick or CD-ROM as well. Hurray!

    Also note Windows XP and earlier create partitions in a way thats bad for performance if you use striping RAID (anything but RAID1); its called a partition offset misalignment problem.
  2. thanks for the reply, but i thought i could get RAID 0 for a bit of performance boost since both drives are of the same capacity, and it is windows 7 im trying to install, vista RAID drivers installed successfully during the windows 7 installation, but it cant get OS installed :/ am i missing the something simple there?
  3. Well you need to supply me with an exact error message to know what's going on in your case. But the general order is:

    1) Create RAID-array in RAID BIOS
    2) boot from Windows CD/DVD and press F6 to install the RAID drivers
    3) it recognises your disks and you are able to install to it
    4) reboot without cd/dvd and you're up and running
  4. Im running a maxtor 500gb and a Seagate 500 GB drive in a raid 0 with no issues running XP, Vista Premium, and Windows 7 on a multiboot
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