Intel CPU new price drops

Most notably, the price of the top-of-line Core 2 Duo - the 3.1GHZ E8500 - dropped from $266 to $183, a 31 per cent plunge. The slightly slower E8400 also received a cut, an 11 per cent drop from $183 to $163. And at the lower end of the Core 2 Duo line, Intel lopped 15 per cent from the price of the E7200, a 2.53GHz chip with a 3M L2 cache and a 1066MHz front side bus.

Over on the server side, the company slashed away on three low-end Xeon chips: the 2.40GHz X3220 (12 per cent), 2.13GHz X3210 (also 12 per cent), and the 3GHZ E3110 (11 per cent).

Meanwhile, the Core 2 Quad Q6600 - a 65nm desktop chip - is now 14 per cent cheaper. The prices of all other chips are unchanged.
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  1. They even cut the Q6600. Thats the Phenoms worst enemy right now.

    Now lets wait for AMDs rebutle.
  2. dual core pricing has always been too high or quad too low, the q6600 g0 should still be $500 and intel stock would be at 33 not 22
  3. q9450, q9550 price drops expected on aug 10.
  4. jimmysmitty said:
    Now lets wait for AMDs rebutle.

    yeah, its called their new line of quad cores. :lol:
  5. OK, that's it. I'm holding off until mid August then that Q9550 at the low $300s is MINE! AMD's rebuttal will be Dirk putting on a skirt and turning tricks at the Blue Bar to try and make payroll. :)
  6. ^Make sure he doesn't go to the Blue Oyster Bar. He might never come back and they will need a new CEO again. Maybe this time they can get someone from that Abdu Abdai Bahadiwada whatever.
  7. dragonsprayer said:
    dual core pricing has always been too high or quad too low, the q6600 g0 should still be $500 and intel stock would be at 33 not 22

    Why on earth should the Q6600 be $500?

    It's old, fairly slow as quads go, and dirt cheap for Intel to make. Plus, 65nm dual cores aren't selling much any more due to the cheap 45nm duals, so the demand for 65nm parts has dropped faster than the supply. It makes sense that the price would be dropping.
  8. I think the Q6600 will be made until they phase the 45nm Penryns out since it sells the best of the quads.

    And don't dis the 65nm. For some people thats a big jump. Like me for instance. I was on 130nm P4 and now am on 65nm C2Q. I cut my CPU size in half and more than doubled my performance.
  9. I bet they'll phase the Q6600 out as soon as the 45nm quads start hitting the $180-$200 range.
  10. Maybe. But considering that the 65nm duals are almost out completely (probably only stock remaining) and most of the 65nm quads are not as common yet the Q6600 still remains strong in sales I think it will be there till 2009 easily.
  11. My bet is that it will vanish when Nehalem arrives, in Q4 08. At the same time, the 45nm quads will drop to the low $200 and high $100 price range, and the Nehalems will start at $300 and go up from there. That will probably also be about the time when they shift over basically entirely to 45nm.
  12. ^Should be.

    Either way Q6600 FOR LIFE!!!!!

    Or until I have enough money for a Nehalem system.
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