Burned AGP Slot/AGP Card

I have a server (old PC I used) with a Asus P4G8X Deluxe motherboard and a Geforce 6800 Ultra (Asus V9999) video card on it. The system uses liquid cooling.

I decided to get the tower back up and running for various purposes, but that story aside, I have a problem.

Two to three drops of coolant leaked (which is fixed) and somehow managed to land on the AGP card right at the AGP slot. After not running for a large amount of time, these drops solidified (for some reason). Recent reuse made it hot, and the contacts on the AGP slot (about 3 of them from what I can tell) melted. This also caused burn damage on 2 of the contacts on the AGP card itself.

The AGP card still works in another AGP board. My concern is, will these two blackened marks (partially covering contacts) cause the contacts/AGP slot of another board to overheat/melt?


This is a picture of the damaged contacts.

Thanks, guys....
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  1. Leh Bump. No one has any feedback? Eep.
  2. Jesus. I would NOT use that board in another machine.
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