Barracuda 7200 12 device i/o error

I have a 500GB Barracuda 7200 HD and I have a device I/O error. This is very bad because of the data contained on it.

I need to recover this error or recover the data to place somewhere else.

Help is needed badly :cry:
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  1. First, before you panic, have you disconnected then reconnected it to your motherboard? Failing that, trying hooking it up to other computers, or even doing so through a USB hard disk enclosure.
  2. It could potentially be a corrupt firmware issue for this hdd.

    Try running seatools downloadable at

    Also try mhdd downloadable at

    The output from the above tools should give more information as to what the situation is......once you have more diagnostic info , you will know what needs to be done to get your data back.
  3. why haven't you backed up your data?

    rule #1 - NEVER expect your data to be safe on any 1 storage device
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