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Hi folks. it's been a number of years since my last PC rebuild, and good Lord have things changed! This may have been talked about in the past, but my PC is freezing upon a search...go figure. ANYWAY...
I just finished putting together a new Pentium PC and am transfering my old hard drive ( Maxtor 6E040L0 ) to the new PC. I want to boot from this drive as it has the XP operating system on it. The new drive is a Western Digital 1TB SATA hard drive. I can't seem to get the old drive to boot. Ideas on how to make this work, oh great brain trust?
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  1. You can't move the HD into a new computer and have it work. That HD is congigured for all of the hardware on the old computer. You can try using your XP CD to do a Repair but you're probably better off backing up the files you want to save and doing a clean install.
  2. Well, shoot. I was afraid of that. WIll have to get my USB case and save everything... or just keep it as a backup, I guess.
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