Disk Boot Failure!

Ok, so i guess i got the wiring right. I push the power button, the computer comes on. Everything goes fine until i get to

Verifying DMI Pool Data.........
Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter.

I have been messing with it all day and nothing is working.

I changed the boot order because it was set to Floppy/Hard drive/SATA CD Rom

I have about a 6 year old IDE dvd drive that i'm using. When i changed the boot order i saw it listed specifically by name and model number so i chose it first followed by my hard drive.

I tried again and nothing worked. I turned the computer off and then later turned it back on to see the error message. It then started loading things for about 10 minutes. Then it spit out an error message (didn't write it down). It said press a key to continue. Pressing a key did nothing so i turned it off. Tried again and now its back to Disk Boot Failure.

Theres a couple of things i was thinking of.

The windows xp boot cd is kind of old and worn a little. Maybe it can't read it?

The drive is around 6 years old and IDE. I saw on a review for the motherboard that the motherboard has poor IDE support and a cheap SATA drive fixes the problem. But i also saw in reviews that SATA drives have problems installing but IDE drives worked fine. Don't know what to do about that...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Motherboard: Abit IP35 Pro


DVD Drive:


Saaaaaave meeeeeee
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  1. "It then started loading things for about 10 minutes. Then it spit out an error message"

    Sounds like your disc may be the problem. If your drive fails to read the disc the bios moves on looking for other bootable medium.
  2. Old and worn? Old, okay----that does matter as long as it is not damaged.
    "Worn", I don't quite understand.
    There is nothing about a CD that gets "worn". If it's been laying around in a drawer without a sleeve, it can get scratched. That is called "damage". It could be "damaged" enough that the drive cannot read it.
  3. Ok then, damaged...is there anyway i could download the boot disk for windows xp pro and make a new one? I still have the cd key.

    I don't want to buy a new OS and get this same error message and waste around $200.

    Nothing else i could try? The CD doesn't really look bad but my dad didn't really store it well (no case or sleeve, moved it around from box to box, it was dusty when i got it)

    So the ancient dvd drive shouldn't be the problem?
  4. You probably have the IDE cable hooked up wrong. The red line of the IDE cable goes to pin 1 on both the HD and the MB. Use the end (Master) connector to the hard drive, not the 'slave' plug in of your IDE cable. You may need to use a different IDE cable, the one you are using could be bad. Also the HD jumper needs to be set to Master. For WD hard drive just remove the jumper for Master.
  5. My hard drive is SATA. I have the the dvd drive hooked up with a brand new IDE cable. I have the one labeled master hooked into the dvd drive. There only appears to be one way that the plugs fit into the motherboard and dvd drive but i guess i could try forcing them the other way. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. Didn't realize you were using a SATA HD drive. Well, In BIOS try setting your SATA configuration to 'IDE" and see if the OS will load up with that setting.
  7. Usually if you are getting that Boot Disk failure, insert system disk message, you system is misconfigured in BIOS and the drives are not recognized properly.
  8. Ok, SATA is already configured to IDE, still having same problem. When i boot up only the Dvd drive name shows up in green before it starts verifying dmi pool data. Does it matter which sata port the hard drive is plugged into? When i select the hard drive option i see the model number for the hard drive i have...so it sounds like something is installed wrong and not a broken boot disk then?
  9. Well i finally got this computer up and running. As you guys said, the motherboard wasn't recognizing the device. I bought a newer IDE dvd drive and then everything went like clockwork. Figured i'd post it in case someone else has the problem. Supposedly the IP35 pro doesnt have great support for old dvd drives.

    I'm on the thing now and its running great. Just wanted to thank everyone for helping me pick out the build and fix problems along the way.
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