Overclocking 4870 with ccc

So i've tried to overclock my hd4870 with CCC, but it won't change the GPU clock. The memory clock changes but the GPU clock, whether I change the value or not, remains at the same speed. I don't know why it won't change the GPU clock and i know you guys actually know your stuff, unlike me. So i ask you, what's wrong? How do i fix it?
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  1. Probably because the card is downclocking itself in windows. You probably won't see the card run at its set speeds until it enters 3d mode in a game.
  2. yep, that's it. thanks :D
  3. so it says that it is running at the highest clocks CCC will let me overclock to, but i don't see ANY difference in games. there's about 1-2 fps difference in crysis, far cry 2, and the gpu tests in 3dmark vantage. on counter strike source stress test there is about a 5fps higher difference. shouldn't there be a bigger performance difference from stock clocks and overclocked

    stock clocks:
    750mhz core clock
    900mhz memory clock

    790mhz core clock
    1070mhz memory clock
  4. not with such a minor overclock, no...if CCC won't let you push it further it's most likely because the card can't handle it 100% of the time. If you're looking for more performance, you're going to have to slap another one in with crossfire.
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