Advice on Upgrading Video Card(s)

Hey all,

Current Setup:

850w Powersupply
Intel core2duo e8400 Wolfdale - Oc'd to 3.6ghz
XFX 775LGA / 780i
4gb OCZ reaper (ddr2 pc8500) 5 - 5 - 5 - 15 @ 1066
WD raptor 74gb 10k
Windows XP 32bit Sp3 :(

>> BFG 7800gt x2 sli on a 22.5 Samsung Syncmaster - Max Reso: 1680 x 1050 <<

I'm looking for a good video card upgrade within a reasonable price. I was thinking of a 9800gtx+ when released in July. I don't really plan on upgrading my monitor to anything larger. My plan was to buy a single 9800gtx+ first and then possibly SLI later down the road when prices are reduced. Which leads me to my first question, would x2 9800gtx+ SLI bottleneck my cpu at the 1680 x 1050 reso with max settings?. And if two video cards is a waste of cash and power for my resolution, what video card will hold me over for a while? 780i mobo so no CrossFire. I play alot of fps shooters, but I really want my system to run Age of Conan smoothly with all settings as high as they go.

The video cards I'm not willing to buy are the 280gtx and 9800gx2. Basically any card over 400 is out of the picture.
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  1. What about the hd4870 or hd4850?
  2. No Crossfire means I can't run two ATI cards in crossfire. However, I would definately buy a single ATI card if thats my best option (who wouldn't for the price?).
  3. I think the best solution would be a single ATI card, especially if you plan to wait before buying your 2nd card (chance are that a single card form the next generation beats your CF/SLI setup).

    There is a good review about 4870 and 4850 on anandtech here is the link:

    Anyway to make it short: 4870 is my recommendation.
  4. Good review just out from AnandTech. Includes all the new cards some in SLI or Xfire.
    Frankly i was surprised how well the 8800GT did in SLI. Some at $130 after rebates on Newegg, it's not a bad way to go.
  5. I did not find that gt for 130, could you give the link, one of my friend could be interrested. And I just had to mention that ati cards are dx10.1 and "support 8-channel LPCM audio output over HDMI".(yes, i pasted that sentence from the review, i am so lazy tonight :P). Maybe you don'care now but they are still to consider.
  6. My SLI setup lasted a good run. In the 8 series the 8800 gt SLI also appears to have been a wise choice. The 9800 gtx is the next step up. If I had bought a CF board I would snatch the ATI without thinking about it, because I'd have that safety net.

    The only reason I'd choose the 9800 gtx+ over the 8800gt is because I've heard rumors of Age of Conan not having good support with SLI. The regular 9800gtx performs better with high settings in AoC than a 8800gt, granted no SLI enabled.

    Then again a 4870 would outperform both cards... Argh I might just wait til all the release madness dies down / drivers are released and maybe even prices drop before I make a decision.

    EDIT: BTW here is that card (mail in rebate)
    $129.99 after rebate
    oops, Justin beat me to it.
  8. "Then again a 4870 would outperform both cards... Argh I might just wait til all the release madness dies down / drivers are released and maybe even prices drop before I make a decision."

    Very good idea, i'm very curious how things are going to shake out in the next few days/weeks or even months. I gotta say that ATI HD series has opened up a whole new ball of GPU wax, great stuff.
  9. Maybe you should wait for the 4870x2, if you want power of 2 cards.
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