Any problems switching admin account to limited user?

I am using an admin account on windows XP. I tried switching to limited user account but I would have to reconfigure everything and move a bunch of stuff over - bookmarks, email, files in my documents, and configurations for a bunch of other software.

I considered Drop My Rights and Alter Ego as a means of running programs with limited user rights from admin account. But that is not as good as running everything in a limited user account.

I have come up with the following idea. I could take the limited user account and make it the admin account. Then take my current admin account and make it a limited user account. Then I would not need to reconfigure and move a bunch of stuff.

Would I run into any problems by doing this?
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  1. No, you should be able to make the change without issue, as long as it's not the default admin account. The default admin account can't be changed.
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