Turn the pc into a wifi hotspot

i got 2 samsung galaxy devices and i can use one of them to act like a wi-fi router with the internet connection from my pc

my question is, how do i do it?
i installed virtual router manager and it doesnt work
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  1. I don't think that's how the hotspot works on cell phones. What they do is turn their data connection into a wifi shared connection. I don't think you can take a wifi connection from another source and turn the phone into a wifi router.

    Did you check the manual on this setup? Can you use that phone to share an outside connection or only the one that the phone has?

    If you just want to share out the computer's connection you can do that with a wireless card and turning on Internet Connection Sharing. But you'd be better off getting a Router and using that.
  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I can use tethering on it to share a wifi signal with multiple computers. However, this is not what you are asking for. Phone tethering converts the 3G phone internet connection into a wifi signal that computers can connect to so they can access the internet. I have not heard of what you are looking for -- using a phone to send an internet connection from one computer to another. As hang-the-9 says, I think you'll need a proper router. Let us know if you find out otherwise.
  3. i got cable internet on the pc
    and i've read that programs like Conectify and Virtual Router would transform your mobile phone in a router

    but i think i dont have the wifi settings on the windows or something is not enabled somewhere, cause they dont start
  4. Just get a real router, will be way faster and more stable.
  5. if it is on a tablet or phone that you are want to get the internet from it is called tethering

    which samsung device? there are quite a few

    if you look under settings if on andriod there is a setting called tethering in there you can create a portable hotspot

    i do this on my phone and it works quite well ((all andriod devices use the same os (even though there differnet versions) so the feature will be on most)
  6. i got a galaxy s and a galaxy s2
    i want to connect the galaxy s to the pc and make the cable internet be wifi through that phone so that i can use it on s2

    i got gingerbread on both

    how did u do it shanky?
  7. guys?
  8. i ve read theres a function in win7 that allows me to do this
    but the commands to see if its enabled or disabled dont work
  9. Get a router, and connect the phones through that WiFi. No need to mess with all sorts of connections. What you are trying to do is maybe use ICS to share out the PCs internet, then you can use the phone's wifi connection to connect to the PC. For that, you need to get a wireless card for the computer, then you can connect the phones to it. But a Router is much simpler to work with.
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