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Intel QX6800 vs. Q9550
Which should I choose? Does anyone have benchmark vs. Pro and Cons?
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  1. None of the above;
    Get a Q6700 instead and save $250-$750.
    By the way - what do you intend to do with the computer? And do you plan on overclocking?
  2. What WR2 said.
  3. Lets list out the Pros vs Cons:

    QX6800 Pros:
    Unlocked multiplier resulting in higher Overclocks
    hicher stock speed

    QX6800 Cons:
    High Price
    Older Process

    Q9550 Pros:
    45nm stepping
    runs cooler
    Uses less power
    Good price

    Q9550 Cons:
    Not as fast stock speed
    No unlocked multi
    will not OC as high

    Q6700 Pros:
    Good Price
    average stock speed

    Q6700 Cons:
    65nm process
    will not OC as high as the QX6800

    Overall with no price the QX6800 is great. But for the price its not. The Q6700 is good and will OC decently but the Q9550 has a newer process and is about 10% faster clock per clock as well as it will run cooler than the Q6700 at the same clock.

    Its not an easy choice. What the hell..... get the Q6000.
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