Wich one ?


I am about to buy a new videocard, and I'm not sure wich one to choose ... theres a few ones I am looking at :

Radeon HD 4870
Radeon HD 4850
GeForce GTX 260
GeForce 9800 GX2

They are not all at the same price, but wich one has the best quality/price ratio ?


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  1. Best performance/price ratio?
    Definitely the 4850.
    Next will be 4870.
    Choose one of these cards, depending on your budget.
    The other 2 are just a waste of cash to me since the 4800s can perform better than them in half of their prices.
  2. But ... is 512 MB enough ? I found some GTX 260 for 228$, does it worth this cost ?
  3. 512 is currently enough.
    GTX260 for 228$ is a good deal. Where did you find the deal?
  4. I found this here, but it's probably an error, and this is out of stock ... The price will sure raise up when the card will ve in stock.


    So I think I'll take the radeon 4850, very cheap and good performer !
  5. Hey, you can have that card too.
    The 4870 at 216$

    Opps... EU...
    anyway, the 4850 is a good card too, so have fun with it!
  6. Hey, about the deal, it's strange ok, the standard price for the GTX260 is 399...
  7. Yes, I know, I think I'll forget it !! :P I'll wait like one week to see if the 9800s prices will drop, and if not, I will buy the 4850 !

    Thanks for your help !

  8. Nah, need not thank me. Welcome to Tom's Forums.
    Anyway, If you can wait, maybe getting a 4870 will be a better deal.
    Or 2 4850s.
  9. It could, but I do not have two PCI-E slots, though my MB is awesome for overclocking !
  10. LOL funny lizard :P:P:P

    What do you mean by "You can buy Evga and then step up to 4870x2" ?? They replace old cards ?


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