Is my [Stock] Q6600 bottlenecking my HD 4850?

I was just wondering if a stock Q6600 would bottleneck a HD 4850, because I was expecting to get better frames at optimal setting in Crysis Warhead, I only get 16 usually. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is, because I get 200+ on CoD4, but I was worried that maybe 2.4GHz wasn't enough to support the game in DX10 properly? I haven't tried running it in DX9 yet, but I will, and I will report back after. I'm not exactly great with hardware, so if someone would like to help me out, that'd be great :)
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  1. I dont think cpu speed is an issue here. I only use dx9(im running XP), but on my poor e5200@2.5ghz 2gb ram and stock 4850 i get avg 33fps in 1680x1850,no AA, with Gamer settings. Upping my cpu speed to 3.5 gives on average 1fps more, so i guess that card gives all its got even with 2.5ghz cpu. GFX card drivers are more likely to be causing the problem, try reinstalling them. Are you using the latest drivers available? How much ram does your system have? What resolution you play in?
  2. That's an odd monitor you have there (1680x1850) jejeje, back to the original question that cpu should give you more fps than that, it's most likely a driver problem, use the latest ati drivers (9.4 I think) and use latest patch for crysis too. You should get at least 25+ fps on gamer settings on 1680x1050, no AA.

    I have a q8200 2.33ghz and it does not bottleneck my 4850 at that resolution, but if I use 4850x2 it seems it does. ( I have a 4850x2 and I disable crossfire to just use 1 4850). If I OC to 2.8ghz I can see the increase in performance when using 4850x2 in crysis, but depends of the game you're playing, i.e. if you play GTA IV then your cpu is going to be the bottleneck. because mine is :(
  3. I have 3 Gigs of RAM, dunno what kind. I generally play in 1680x1050, I will check for drivers now.
  4. I think I'm only on driver version 8.5 :O, but I'm downloading now. Hopefully I was on Ver. 8.5, so then my problem should be fixed. Thanks a lot so far guys, I heard a lot about, it's lived up, tbh. :)
    Sorry for DP (double post, you dirty thing) but it wouldnt let me edit, for some reason. :)
  5. Typo :]

    I just asked about ram because 2gb+vista+crysis gave me rather shambolic results ;] But since u have 3gb thats irrelevant.

    Yeah, try latest drivers.
    Good luck!
  6. I tried the new drivers and they made a significant FPS increase. 10-20 frames, which brings me to about 25 avg frames in dx10 and 35 in DX9. Thanks a lot for the help, even though the answer was pretty obvious. :)
  7. Np, at least it worked :)
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