New computer...Extra graphic card!

Hi everyone. Im new here. I have a few questions if thats ok.

I ordered a computer and it mistakenly came with 2 8800gt nvidia graphics cards. I checked my invoice and it listed the system as

E8400 3000ghz duocore 1333fsp

4gbs ram

1-8800gt nvidia graphics card.

Something along those lines...not sure of the exact termanology.

Anyhow it has a 750wt power supply.

Will this be enough to run both cards?

Also. The way I found out about the extra card was I was getting really good FPS in WoW. I know its not a graphic intense game but with my old dell dimension i was running 512mb ram with a p4 3000ghz with a 256mb geforce fx5500 and I was only getting at MAX 20fps and that was on the lowest possible settings.

Now i was jsut looking around the properties tab of my new xps630 and saw 2 graphics cards listed in the tray. I thought it was a mistake and put it out of my mind.

Then a little while later after it was bugging me lol I popped my case open and low and behold.....2 shiny nvidia 8800gt's sitting there.

My other questions is,will the stock fans and case fans be enought to cool them? I noticed some heat comming off of them and lightly touched one and it was HOT!!!!

I dont want to fry anything and am still under warranty but im jsut curious.

Is there a cooler you guys could recomend?

Thanks alot.
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  1. I you do not overclock them, it should be OK. These cards are designed to run in a standard environment, so any computer case should be OK to cool it.

    If you think you will overclock them, then buy better fans.

    PS : you,re very lucky !
  2. Thanks sam.

    Being as un-competer savvy as i am I have a few more questions.

    Would this setup be SLI?

    When I try to test my computer on the Crysis testing site it tells me I dont have enough video memory to run crysis.

    Would 2 512mb cards read as 2 or 1?

    Will getting a few extra fans or cooling systems to be safe be ok?

    I payed less than $1200 dollars for this system. Did i get a good deal? It was refurbed but came with the waranties a new one comes with.
  3. Hello to both of you (Moktarr & sam_1421)
    2 8800GT will be of SLI setup.

    Would 2 512mb cards read as 2 or 1?
    Nope. It'll read as 2.

    If you don't overclock them, the temps will be OK you need not buy new fans, unless ventilation around your case is bad.
    It's a good deal don't worry.

    The Crysis problem, hmm, maybe your hard disk is, quite full? Maybe, here's a few guide to increase virtual memory.
  4. Thanks romulus.

    It passes everything but the graphics card part.

    Its telling me i only have 1 8800gt. There are very surely 2 in my computer...the are connected with a little ribbon thing.
  5. I can't really help with your problem, but I just wanted to say that you're very lucky.

    It reminds me of a time when I got 2 gigs of ram rather than 1 due to wrong packaging.
  6. Yeah SLI is enabled. Would the sites that "test" if i can run a game "see" both of them if they are in sli?

    Its strange. I know i sound inept. lol.

    Is there a site that will tell me exactly what im running? Im kind of anal and now im worried something is wrong.
  7. Ok I did some checking.

    There is a grapchis card in pci slot 4 and 5.

    This is indicative of 2 cards right?

    I am getting paranoid that they will think i stole something from them now.
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