i need to know how much my parts are worth?

I plan on selling my RAM Mother Board and Video Card..my video card is a ATI Radeon HD 3870 with 512MB VRAM clocked at 1170MHz
and GPU clocked at 800MHz the video card is basicly new still..i do not have the box..just a few things that came with it..it hasnt even got dusty yet..my mother board is a gigabyte s-series it has one PCI EX. 16 slot, two PCI slots, three PCI EX. 1 alots and one AGP alot..AM2 cpu..DDR2 800 RAM supports up to 16gb of ram..the intergrated audio is realtek HD and it has 6 audio ports i also dont have the box that the mother board came in but it fits in a ATX case and it too is still clean and fairly new..the RAM i will be selling is DDR2 800 240pin, i have one 2gb stick of patriot and one 512mb of the same brand i also have two 512mb of kingston ram they are also fairly new..i just need to know about how much i would get out of all of this? i spent $270 on the video card about close to $180 on the RAM and about $112 on the mother board but im wanting to get as much as i can out of them because ATI seems to suck and i want faster ram and another board to put 4 video cards in =] email me at cCc_alabama@yahoo.com or reply to this thanks and sorry its soo long
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  1. My guess is 200-250 MAX for that setup. 3870 is like $80 now and 3gb RAM can be had for $50. Board ~$50 and Athlon x2's dont go over $70. so...
  2. back when i baught my athlon x2 3.0ghz it was like $298 lol but i just dis like ati because since i got this new card it runs almost no faster then my old one..x1800xl 256mb but you got yahoo? or msn?
  3. knightterror66 said:
    but i just dis like ati because since i got this new card it runs almost no faster then my old one..x1800xl 256mb

    Your doing somthing wrong then. A 3870 would rape a x1800xl. Dont flame ATI for your mistake. Maybe you installed the drivers wrong or something. :pfff:
  4. well with garry's mod 10..with out spawning anything it gets 30fps but its not really like vram slowing down or anything that i know of..its more like a skippy jumpy sort of slowness..it does it worse with call of duty 4 and can barly play call of duty 4....BUT..on the video card box it said..pci ex. x16 2.0 ...my mother board dont have the 2.0 crap so i dont know if that has anything to do with it or not..what do u think i should do????
  5. and crysis with everything on high plays so smooth i dont get it
  6. Dont worry about the whole PCIE 2.0 thing, its not the issue. Sounds like a driver issue to me.
  7. The lack of PCIe 2.0 support shouldn't bottleneck a v1.1 card. I think that you probably have either a driver issue, or just have the settings up too high in-game for the card. Crysis is the most demanding title out - if you can play that with no issues, then the card should be fine. However, you should check your settings and make sure they are actually manageable for your card. Certain levels of AA and such can really take a hit on any card's performance.

    Also, if you provide information on the actual model of motherboard, rated timings and voltages on your memory, those pieces of information are pertinent to their resale, though the $200 guess is probably about the most you can expect to get, from the sound of it.
  8. Try formatting your machine then reinstalling everything (especiallly the latest drivers).
  9. ^ agreed
  10. Used parts are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.

    You can count on getting about 50%-75% of the retail price. The older gen the parts are, the less they are worth.
  11. well ive already reformatted and that didnt help..idk what to do..im seriously thinking about ditching ati but im not sure
  12. ATI isn't the issue - millions of people have positive experiences with ATI. It's possible that you have a card that is defective, or that there is some strange incompatibility in your system somewhere, but chances are that it's due to user error of some variety.
  13. i dunno..all i know is..it should be faster then what it is lol
  14. i have windows xp pro..32 bit..if its a DX 10 card would it matter if the system dont support DX 10?
  15. no...its dx9 compatible.
  16. ok welll should i install the driver that it came with? because it has the newest one got msn or yahoo add cCc_alabama@yahoo.com so i wont have to keep going back lol if not then its fine
  17. nope sorry...yeah use thsoe drivers.
  18. ok ill try that in a little bit lol maybe itll play call of duty 4 right..and garry's mod 10..do you have a steam ID? or xfire?
  19. steam: teh_boxzor
  20. ok ill add you
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