Q6600 3.6GHz OC problem

Im running a Q6600 on an ASUS P5K-VM. From everything I have been seeing 3.6ghz should be completely possible with this motherboard. Now I am ruing 3.2GHz 400x8 AUTO (prime95 stable) but if I OC to 3.6GHz 400x9 AUTO windows don’t even start. I have tried to do this manual 3.6GHz 400x9 v1.46 and still windows don’t start.
Just looking for some feedback on what Vcore and what settings I need to use in order achieve 3.6 prime95 stable.
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  1. more info needed...how are your temp at 3.2, your cooler, case other spec like RAM...generally leaving parameters in bios on auto is not good choice
  2. Temps are not a problem. Ram DD2 800.
  3. I didn’t change the timings on ram, the ratio is 1:1. I try 400x9 v1.537 and windows start normal but in prime95 fails after 30sec approximately also i notice a big vdroop cpu-z idle is v1.46 and load (prime95) v1.32.
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