Can access shares but not browser workgroup

Hi all,

I have problems in a XP pro setup with a group of computers in the same workgroup.

I just set up a new computer, and everything's working perfectly *except* I can not browse the workgroup ("MSHOME") from it.

If I enter a (any) share name, I can browse the share. I can ping from and to any computer. The only thing that is not possible is to browse from "my computer" to the workgroup and see the other computers and shares. I get a "(workgroup) is not accessible you might not have permission...path not found" error.

Looks like this is a common error, but in the other cases I've seen, the users can not access *anything* on the network.

Does anyone know why I get this (limited) access problems??

thanks for any help!
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  1. Sorry the subject should be "Can access shares but not browse workgroup"
  2. see if you have the computer browser service running.
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