How much is my system worth?

Hi guys. I've recently decided to move my main computer over to a laptop and sell my old tower PC. I've been out of the loop on PC components for the last few months, so I'm not sure how much this thing is worth anymore.

Here are the specs.

AMD64 FX-55 2.6ghz processor
2gb OCZ 2-2-2-4 PC3200 [...] 6820227210
ATi/MD HD 2600 pro 256mb video card.
2x 74gb (10,000rpm) SATA WD raptors in RAID 0
700w PSU [...] 6817153039

The mobo is a DFI lanparty, I forget the specifics. PCI-E and SATA and whatnot.

The case is a lian-li with sound dampending. [...] 6811112118 (minus the side window)

This is just for the box, no monitor or speakers; I'm not expecting a ton here, but I thought I'd ask you guys. Thoughts? If you need more info let me know.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. probably get $500 for it...
    Not many people like buying computers without monitors, soeaks etc.
  2. Maybe $500, that is probably a bit generous. Used computers are not exactly a hot item. eBay has been detrimental to the market in a big way as prices have moved through the floor.

    You will find a better benefit in donating the system to charity and taking the tax benefits over trying to sell it.
  3. Just curious, how much are the tax benefits when you donate something worth $500? I think in Canada you'd get around $100 back at tax time, but I may be wrong.
  4. Its around 20% the cost of the item, so your guess is pretty accurate.
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