E5200 and GA-EG31M-S2 finally overclockable

Hi all

A month or so ago i posted on Tom's because I was unable to o'c my e5200 with my gigabyte ga-eg31m-s2 mobo.

I just want to let others with a similar problem know that the BETA bios on gigabyte's site, F4c allows me to o'c to 266x12.5 which is as comfortable as I am with the stock cooling.

However until I get my zalman cooler I'm sticking with 12.5x240 for now, at 1.28125 in the bios, about 1.216 in windows after vdrop and droop.

my idle temps aren't great, sitting at 38 and at full load with small fft's about 58!!

my chips VID is 1.2250 though so I wasn't too lucky with my chip.

Just wanted to let anyone with this config know that it can be done with the gigabyte mATX mobo.

ps my video card has yet to arrive, so this is all using the stock gma3100
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  1. Yeah, for a change its nice to see someone coming back after solving a problem with something more than "problem solved". +1 And those temps seem fine
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