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I'm going to buy a new system based on E8400. Recently I've red an article on THW called Intel Fine Tunes Processor Pricing, Increases Pressure On AMD saying that the E8500 price dropped by 31%! Now I can't see any price drops in the UK. How much does it usually take to effect (UK) market, I don't have any experience following these changes...
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  1. It will take a few days for it to take effect. That and if the demand gets too high then they will stay a bit higher until the places recieve new stock.

    Be patient.
  2. they did the day it was released sometimes people rush and buy and they go back up
    i saw the e8500 at 199 at new egg on sunday - i think it was sunday
  3. I bought a 8500 on tuesday for £115, so if you look the prices have dropped (independant computer store in the town I work in)
  4. Thank you guys for info.

    I'm looking at internet shops like or . They still keep high prices. Maybe I could by it in the same shop, are you in London?
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