Best HDDs for RAID setups?

What are the best HDDs to use for RAID arrays? I tried Seagate Barracudas for my first RAID setup and they both died within months. I have heard others have RAID issues with Barracudas. WD? Samsung? what works best?
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  1. I'd go with WD Caviar Blacks. But if you're really looking for reliability and speed, invest in an array of SSDs.
  2. I prefer WD Caviar RE2's for RAID . RE stands for Raid Edition.

    More info about WD enterprise class drive can found at
  3. Western Digital Black would be my preferred choice as well.
    Make sure you have good cooling going on around a pair of RAID'd drives.
    Mount them apart if possible, and have a good case fan blowing over them.
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