Need advise Agp4x !!

Hi I have an old system:

P4 1.8 Ghz - CPU
Intel i845-ITE8712 - Motherboard

I looked the motherboard features. And it is support Agp4x slots ..

Now I have GeForce 4 MX 64MB Graphic Card. But I need a card which take me about two months. I looked in my country but I couldn't. If you now a graphic card (Agp4x) where I can by please tell..

I wanna buy it from Internet Shipping.

But I need a good card not best. I wanna play AOE 3 - RTW like this...
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  1. Welcome to furms!

    With that CPU, the 2600 XT is the best you'd want to get. Anything more will be very bottlenecked by the platform.
    If you are in the US, you can buy from
  2. That wont work 2600xt. He has an AGP board with x4. that P4 1.8 even if he could use that card would be a HUGE bottle neck. he has an ^ year old platform. It will be hard to say if a fairly good agp card will work with such an outdated system. If you can find a 9600-9700 card still, they are 8x though but should work. As for that game i am wondering what its min. is? might be that nothing you can do to bring it to min specs even with an agp upgrade. If am 9600 ati card can be found it should be cheep( shipping will be more than its worth). Can you ebay in your country? I have about 3 of those old cards around here sitting in a parts box, even an old 9800 pro.
  3. Oww so sorry for writing errors.
    My country is Turkey. I can buy items from Ebay and both !

    I looked and could find cards but 4x/8x which is it? My motherboard is supports 4x cards.. I will change completely but I need one or two months for this. So I wanna buy an graphic card for cheap of course!
  4. Most AGP cards are compatible with either 4x or 8x.
    You can choose a slower card than the ones I indicated if you like.
    The important thing is that your power supply has to support the upgrade.
    Please tell us about the power supply.
  5. I have a 7600gs agp that runs on a p4@2.4ghz. I'm sure the cpu still bottlenecks it, so any 7 series card would work too.
  6. I will check power supply. But I think it is 250-300W certainly..

    :@ evongugg, I need a cheap card.. This is 99 $ I can bring Mobo + Graphic Card (PCI) + One Ram with 100 $ if I want..
  7. Quote:
    I will check power supply. But I think it is 250-300W certainly..

    I will wait on your check of the power supply.
    Your power supply seems like it is too small to support a new video card.
  8. I told you I need a basic card for only two months sir.
    Like FX5500 or 9500 ect.
  9. I have a 9550 in my old P4 2.4ghz system it runs most games ok at 12x10 res. At $40 shipped it should work for a few months.

    Here's a link
  10. I will think thanks.
  11. FX5500 or Geforce 6200 should be adequate for this:

    I told you I need a basic card for only two months sir.
    Like FX5500 or 9500 ect.
  12. But where can I buy it?
  13. If you're in Turkey, I have no idea. eBay might be helpful in finding a good deal.
  14. I'd go X1600 PRO with this one... or a 6600 GT. Whatever's cheapest.
  15. If he's wanting to play like rome total war, the ati radeon 9600 always did ok in my old system. don't know about age of empires 3 though.
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