Wireless encryption

what can happen if you dont have encryption on your wireless?
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  1. Someone could gain access to your computers and collect personal information.
  2. Ok well i got free wi-fi because i got quest (i use wi-fi because it's faster than my DSL) , well they steal my info? and how do you setup a encryption and how can someone access your computer?
  3. an open network allows people to access your computer just as if you had them hooked up to a LAN. If your computer itself is secure, you should be safe.

    If its a home network you didn't bother encrypting freeloaders could slow you down and potentialy get you blamed for illegal activity. the brat next door could crank the P2P, then when the fuzz shows up with a warrent, better hope your home computer is all legit.
  4. haha thanks.
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