10K 3dmark 4850!?

hello everybody. I was just wondering why I got such a low score in 3Dmark06 with my 4850... My processor is fast enough, my PSU supply's enough power, I have sufficient cooling and for some reason my score is lower than my 8800GTS320!


SM2.0 score 3914
SM3.0 score 5211
CPU score 2873

So my conclusion is that the 4800 series really sucks at sm2.0 which is completely irrelevant anyway? Like I saw the fps dip to 15 in the 2.0 test and the fps rise to 80 in the 3.0 test, so I can also conclude that the drivers suck really bad??

Also I notice in the Deep freeze benchmark, I receive double the fps that I previously had.
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  1. drivers, and the program isnt ready for the new tech so much
  2. Your CPU score is only 2873?

    What processor are you using?
  3. Probably an AMD
    edit: dammit, i was always a bad reader
  4. Ah I did not notice your signature. Your e6750 should be doing much better then that.

    Also, I added the scores you posted. You have 12k not 10k overall, right?
  5. I looked at toms a while back at the CPU Scores and it looks to be ok. I remember the E8500 scored 2900. what do you get? 10k overall...
  6. So you're telling us the results of a synthetic benchmark, what are you getting in the games you play, are they different from the reviews out there? 3dmark is nice but its only a tool.
    If you can't tell the fps, go get the fraps demo (www.fraps.com) which puts a counter in the corner of the screen.
  7. HA!!! can anybody say EPICFAIL!!!!???? I press APPLY to Disable 4xAA and 16x AF.... So now my new score is:

    Total: 11610

    sm2.0: 4758
    sm3.0: 5662
    cpu score: 2874

    wow, so these cards can really handle AA and AF :)

    EDIT: so if it was paired with a QX9650 @4ghz it would be comparable to the 14k score they where getting lol....
  8. i have ati 3870, and i turn quality settings up in catylist to play games, You want to make sure they're all set to application controlled or even off in catylist. They make a huge difference in 3dmark06 for some reason? But when i'm playing games they don't have that much of an ill effect for the most part. Anway, yeah 4850=sexy. Good luck getting your score tweaked up (i got over 10k with my 3870 paired with a 5000+be clocked to 3.2ghz, and no oc on the card.:-p)
  9. Who cares about 3dmark scores?

    Whats your fps in games you play? That's what actually matters...
  10. Did you pay for full version of 3dMark06? I can't control the AA or AF with the free version. Didn't think it was worth it to pay to use the software.
  11. Well I tried to play COH but the fps is capped at 60... but with everything maxed 4x aa 4x af I get an average of 57.6 fps and a max of exactly 60 so I'm guessing it enabled v-sync, even though I turned it off in CCC. and the Min fps was 30... yea it's v-sync
  12. Well, I finally figured out the problem. now the max fps is 244 average 124 min 40.. And I notice quite a difference with AA enabled vs my old card.
  13. SM 2.0 is more dependent on cpu clock. CPU clock adversaly effects SM 2.0. higher cpu clock = higher SM 2.0 score whereas with SM 3.0 there is a point where it turns purely graphic card dependant where SM 3.0 score doesn't increase with higher CPU clock. This is the clock speed I would stop my CPU OC at because SM 2.0 games are less graphically intense and usually don't need the higher CPU clock for the extra FPS because FPS is already at VSYNC.
  14. Yea, as well as temps go, my system is doing very nice. I just bought an antec 900 case and I have the whole wind tunnel with dual fans going as well as the window fan. Plus I received three free tricool fans from my antec case because Antec said that it had accidentally put fans that did not pass QC into some cases.. out of 10000 cases that have already been packaged. So now I have three extra fans that I used for the optional slots on the case, since none of the fans on mine are defective I have an extra fan laying around... As for the temps on the card, looking into ccc it is idling at 55C, not bad compared to 80C ppl where reporting on idle. and on full load it goes to about 70-80C max. PLENTY of airflow in my case :)
  15. there you go. stupid v-sync. :-p

    I think that once they optimize the drivers a bit for the new 48xx series we will see a decent performance increase. my 3dmark06 score alone went up by almost 1k points from the first driver release the the most recent one (8.5, 8.6 won't run right for some reason) and a noticeable difference in fps in games by anywhere from 2-20 averages.
  16. Nice, I hope ATI will release new drivers soon! I might get a second 4850 and CF them in the future, or maby even get a 4870 and xfire it with my current card. probably around when the nehalem comes out.
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