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This is a qustion that I couldn't find a whole lot of info on the web. I bought a chieftech case that has room for 8 hard drives internally. My motherboard has 6 sata plugs (XFX 780i SLI). I have an extra 16x pci slot since I am not going Tri-SLI. So I would like to get a controller card that is PCIe. The cards I am looking at are SATA/SAS and can control 8 drives. The card I would like is the High Point with a 1.2ghz Intel chip for hardware raid. I have a pair of WD 640s in RAID 0 right now. Would going SAS with like a pair of 147GB 15k drives improve my performance in gaming. I’m going to guess not that much. Also, in general will a hardware RAID card improve the performance of my current setup with dual 640’s? Thanks.
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    The effect of your disk subsystem on games depends entirely on how the games are coded. Most games will try to load as much stuff into RAM as possible and run from there so as to minimize delays due to disk I/O - so the biggest impact would generally be on the load times.
  2. As above, you'll probably get faster load time (10 - 25% maybe), wont do anything for lag or fps
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