Unexpected result for WDC-500AAKS wih HD tune read Bencmark!!

Any Ideas?
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  1. No one replied..:)
    Is it (the result) that strange, or that normal so nobody said anything about it?

    I think nobody understood what is not normal about the result, I meant the read benchmark avarage result is about 110 MB/s, while WDC5000AAKS's scores About 70-80MB/s In the same test, and VolciRaptor hard drives scores about 100 MB\s, so how did this HDD gave such this result??
  2. I have two disks WD 500 AAKS , first diskI bought 1,5 year ago had a normal result 75 MB/sek - typical for WD 500AAKS, but the second which i bought a few days ago have similar result to your disk, I not understand it too Probably new 5000 AAKS has one 500GB plate :), old series had 3 plates I think
  3. What I've noticed with HD Tune is that if you run the benchmark a few times on the same drive, it will give you varying results; sometimes quite various. My guess would have to be a firmware revision of sorts WD put out on the drives. Or that model has a tendency to work really well if it is pretty new, i.e. minimal usage. That is interesting though.
  4. What's exactly strange about this benchmark shot? It has a dip yes, but all system disks and other disks which have background I/O will have those dips. Since a harddrive can't do two things at once the benchmark is shortly interrupted.

    I assume this is a 500GB-platter HDD?
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