Memory Stress Test... What is good?

So I have my CPU OCed... It is time to tweak my memory a little. I have it running at the stock DDR3 1600 speed. However, I am looking at playing with the timing or speed a little. I use OCCT to stress test my CPU, but what out there will really hammer your memory to make sure that my timing change or speed are stable?
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  1. memtest86+
  2. yeah i already have this, I wasn't sure if its a true "Stress" test. I always used it to test if a stick was bad. I take it there are no windows based test that I can run? Just curious. Then again a windows test might not hit every address.
  3. I usually just run Orthos, from in Windows you are able to stress both the CPU and RAM. There may be better tests for each separately but It has always picked out any instabilities for me and you only have to run one program to stress everything.
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