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So, I've got an old (ie 2001) IDE Seagate 80 GB hard drive that I took from my old computer. I bought a case for it and was able to get the info needed off of it. I wanted to format it to FAT 32 for use as a PS3 backup. So, on my Windows Vista Home prem 64 laptop system I went to format, hit exFAT and chose 32. It went through to 100% and said "could not complete format" so then I decided to try NTFS. But it seemed to freeze and I had to shut down. Now, although I connect it and the computer (32 bit vista home prem desktop) detects...something and installs software, it is nowhere to be found on My Computer. I'm stumped here and could use some help if you all could?

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    I'd try cleaning it off completely and starting fresh. Install in the desktop unit and go to Disk Manager. First step will be to right-click on that unit and Delete all Partitions it may have. When you're back to nothing but Unallocated Space, Create the Primary Partition (maybe this will be the only Partition, using all of the disk space), and make it NOT bootable since you plan is to use it for data only on a PS3. Then Format it using the FAT32 File system.
  2. So I did that and everything looked good. Now though when I go to back up it gets to 14% and then says hard drive inaccessible. And when I plug it into the computer, it doesn't find it. Now the hard drive is from a 2001 computer, so I'm guessing that it is just too old?
  3. Anyone here know the tricks and details of what a PS3 wants for HDD structure? I gather it must use a FAT32 File system. Any max volume size? Can it use 80 GB in FAT32? Can it use 2 or more smaller Partitions on one 80 GB drive unit? Does it have trouble with Partitions and Formats done by Win Vista utilities?

    Cypherslock, can you use the PS3 itself to Partition and Format the 80 GB unit once it has all its old Partitions Deleted?
  4. It would format it correctly, that much I know. But this drive is for backing up my ps3 and it gets to around 14% and it says the drive can't be accessed...
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