Best duel core intel motherboard & CPU combo right

Hi Guyz

Am about to upgrade my pc.!! i would like your experties on the core 2 duo

what is the best c2d for overclocking..? and with which mobo (av alwayz been a asus fan) but not too fussed as long as its stable..

sommit mid range
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  1. I have an old e4300 overclocked using the pin mod. Using a piece of copper tape, 2 of the pads on the backside are connected giving you an extra 33% overclock without affecting the memory or increasing the voltage settings. Works great. I picked up the cpu already modded for $60 awhile back on one of the hardware forums. Probably the best deal is the e7200 combo for $119 at Fry's, if you live near one.
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