Geforce 9600GT 512MB Fps Issue.

I just bought this card around a hour ago , and installed it 5 minutes ago .

My issue is , on my main game call of duty 2 I'm not getting a constant 125fps i would of least expected 200fps constant , Ive set the graphics as low as i can . Its on dx7 as well .

All the right drivers installed all the right power and all the right wires connected to the gpu.

Thanks Tony

28 processes running all which i need.

NVIDIA Control Panel set to "Let the 3D application decide.

Ran 3d mark , temps are fine .

Video drivers are the latest from the nivdia site.

Ive also reinstalled the game .

Its not as bad on other games mainly cal of duty 2 , but its my main game its all i play . Crysis runs extremely well on high settings .


Genuine Intel® CPU 2140 @ 1.60GHz (2 CPUs) overclocked to 3.2ghz

2046MB RAM

Hard Drive:
160 GB

Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT

hp pavilion mx70

Sound Card:
Realtek HD Audio output

Philips 5.1 Surround Sound

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2

Ive got dx9 and its been updated.

Ive also tried commands like /r_gpusync 0 , it locks the fps for around 2 minutes then it goes from 250 to 40 from 250 to 40 constantly .

Thanks for reading Tony .
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  1. I just ran 3d mark again i got 14594 3DMarks , is that good . Any help with the provlem above will be much appreciated.

  2. Which 3DMark? 05? 06? If it's 3DMark06, that's excellent, my 8800GTS 512MB (G92) gets just under 13000 if I remember correctly. If it's 3DMark05, that's not that great.
  3. is it even possible to get 15k 3dmark06 with 9600GT?

    In 3dmark06 they usually get 10k. are you sure its not a 9800GTX? lol...
  4. ok im downloading 06 now.... does anyone have any idea on how to solve the issue above the 3dmark question .
  5. go into the games setup and make sure v-sync is off. Also...... this is probably the killer........... look for something inre to online chat. Turn it the F off !
  6. Is this the first graphics card in this system, or did you buy this to upgrade from another card?

    If it's an upgrade, you have to uninstall the old drivers. Then use Driver Cleaner from Safe Mode to totally remove them. Then reboot and install the new drivers. Then of course reboot and see if it's changed anything.
  7. Ive done all this , it says up there the drivers have been updated , and turning in game chat off doesnt do anything :/.

    The card has been upgraded from my 7800gt , all the 7800gt drivers have been removed without a doubt and all the new and LATEST drivers have been installed...
  8. Try reinstalling windows. Its the #1 solution.
  9. LOL!

    No Thanks .

    Thanks for the replys. I guess no one knows :/
  10. I noticed that you didn't give the model or your Giga-Byte motherboard, nor did you mention what your PSU was. PSU can have a big impact on video performance.
  11. Can you install the CPUID hardware monitor and post a screenshot of that? It could be a voltage issue, though I don't know why it would only happen with COD2.

    Sometimes the newer cards and drivers don't play nice with older games. Like in the move up from DX7 to DX9/10 they'll rewrite some stuff, and it doesn't always scale back as good as it should.
  12. I noticed that you didn't give the model or your Giga-Byte motherboard *No i didn't , because it has nothing to do with the issue at hand the mobo is fine for this gpu*, nor did you mention what your PSU was *Again because i know the Watts are fine*. PSU can have a big impact on video performance.

    To the person who last replied , i think you may just be right . I don't used PC wizard i use everest . But here's a screenshot for you .

    The 12v rail is being read as 2.62 V . I don't know much about powersupplys , but i know enough to know that isn't good . For my own knowledge what sort of issues can that cause , I'm buying a new one on Saturday anyhow but i really didn't think this would have lowered the performance of my GPU.

  13. Did you try swapping connections. You may be running too much off "one rail". Hook one up directly from the power supply to the video card. if that doesn't work swap for another. Did the video card come with a "y" splitter ? If it did, try and connect 2 - 4 pin molex connectors into it and then into the video card. Did you try and disconnect some of the non essentials ? dvd rom/extra memory/floppy/etc to see if you get enough power ?

    how's about a pic of your in game settings.
  14. Your watts dont mean crap. If your amps aren't right your screwed. And it looks like your 12v isn't working right because the amps arent rated high enough.
  15. Tried what you said , took out things i could of lived without . It didn't work :/ i changed the rams back slots to see if that would of made a difference and i also tried my computer without a gig of ram , still no joy . My case is pretty flashy , so i unplugged all the external fans and lights , still no luck . :pfff:

    The power supply hasn't never been abused in anyway , so i don't understand how its failing . Its a 500w psu which i know should power all the components in the computer . I'm going to dish out for a new one from . I'm going up a extra 100W's in power this time just to see if it does make a difference ....

    To the poster above me , amps are derived from watts divided by voltage, or P=I*V (P=watts, I=amps, V=voltage)

    I understand where you are coming from though , if theres to much power on the rail is going to drain it. There isn't many attachments on this psu , so i couldn't really do much . I did swap some of the 4 pin connectors round , but still no luck like i said . Very annoying issue , it seems the PSU is still the most controversial commpent in todays desktop and self built computers , the psu i currently have isn't a brand name but i genrally don't belive it makes a difference Ive seen people go on with a psu's now that have lasted years and only paid a very small price for such a shoddy brand .

    I think getting the 2nd opinion really pushed me a step futher now to getting my new psu for my system , i just wanted to see if it could be resloved without having to spend more money on a every growing pricey set up i have here.

    Once again thanks for the useful replies . Means a lot :)
  16. That +12v reading doesn't look right at all. I don't know how you can get a reading of 2.6v on a 12v rail, maybe the program is just reading it wrong. I'd check it with a second program to make sure it's right, cause I don't see how you could run Crysis extremely well on 2.6v :??:

    It should be reading 12.0v +- 0.5 or so. If another program shows it off by much more than that then it might be what's causing the trouble after all.
  17. Heres a look on pc wizard:

  18. Ok this is weird .

    My cpu is overclocked , from 1.6 to 2.6ghz.... when i took off the overclock the volts in the rail have decreased..... on everest its now 1.98v :o
  19. Ok once again another update , i got my hand on a copy of the latest version of everest ..... and the readings have changed :/

  20. Well 12.39 looks a lot more realistic, 13.65 is off by too much to be healthy. If the 12.39 reading is right (I think it is, the other is still too strange for me to believe) then I have my doubts that a new PSU will fix your problem. The more I think about it the more it looks like a driver issue after all, especially since it only seems to affect COD2. If the power supply really was the problem I'd expect all kinds of issues with any game, especially Crysis when it's taxing the system.
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