Help with E2200 oC

bro i have over clock my pc but it does not start and hangs so i have to clear my CMOS everytime i clock it because my DDr2 Ram is 667,i set my clock speed to 220fsb and ram to 1:1 other then that my motherbord does not allow to change
i am using MSI 945G chipset (MS-7507)

Please help
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  1. if ur ram is at a 1:1 then with a 220mhz bus youve got ur RAM running at 440mhz. It should be fine. what board do you have? voltages? etc? also, i remember hearing that this CPU didnt overclock as well as some of its predecessors.
  2. the vCore is 1.22V and my mobo is locked...what should i do??how can i change the Vcore.
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