Formatting Vista to 1 of 5 Hard drives -- help

hi there

I was wondering -- I have 5 hard drives but only 1 ( C drive ) is the one I boot from, all the other hard drives are storage.

I am getting Vista 64 but I currently have windows 32 bit so my question is :

Can I format my C drive to have vista on it without having to transfer the files from my other storage hard drives? If I do that -- will my Storage drives pop up in "My Computer" as usual?

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  1. if you install vista over your current c:, you should still have the reset of you data intact. just don't format the other drives. after you reinstall, you may need to change drive letters or reassign. if you are ultra paranoid, you could remove the other HDDs, install vista, then connect the others back up(i do this as i have multiple drives that are the same size).
  2. great man thanks a lot
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