Advise! Want to lower Vcore on I7 overclock

Currently have i7 stable @3.8 ghz With Asus Rampage II Extreme using extreme tweaker.

My Vcore is fairly high for my current overclock and Im looking for advice for lowering the cpu vcore while keeping system stability @ 3.8 ghz.

Mother Board ( Asus Rampage II Extreme )
Drivers ( )
Bios ( 1306 )
CPU ( i7 920 )
CPU Cooler ( Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme )
Memory ( 3x2GB Corsair 1600 7 7 7 19)
PSU ( ABS Tagan BZ 1100w )
Drivers ( 182.50 )
Operating System ( Vista 64)

Extreme Tweaker
AI Overclock Tuner (Manual)
OC from CPU Level Up (Auto)
OC from Memory Level Up (Auto)
Cpu Ratio Setting (Auto)
CPU Turbo Power Limit (Enabled)

CPU Config
C1E Support (Disabled)
Hardware Prefetcher (Enabled)
Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch (Enabled)
Virtualization Tech (Disabled)
CPU TM Function (Disabled)
Execute Disable Bit (Disabled)
HT Technology (Enabled)
Active Processor Cores (All)
A20m (Disabled)
Speedstep Tech (Disabled)
Turbo Mode (Disabled)
C-State Tech (Disabled)

Blck Freq (190)
PCIE Freq (100)
Dram Freq (1523 mhz)
QPi Link Data Rate (6857 MT/s)

DRAM Timings
tcl (7)
trcd (7)
trp (7)
tras (19)
*All Other Timings on Auto* (including 2nd set and 3rd set)

EPU II Phase Control (Full Phase)
Load Line Calibration (Enabled)
CPU Differential Amplitude (Auto)

Extreme OV (Disabled)

CPU (1.4625)
CPU PLL (1.89542)
QPI/DRAM Core (1.39375)

IOH (1.1664)
IOH PCIE (1.511)
ICH (1.1134)
ICH PCIE (1.511)

DRAM Bus (1.65681)
DRAM Ref *All Preset*

Spectrum and Skew
CPU Spread Spectrum (Disabled)
PCIE Spread Spectrum (Disabled)
CPU Clock Skew (Auto)
IOH Clock Skew (Auto)
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  1. similiar overclock using same things disabled, but I run vcore 1.2750
    CPU pll 1.90
    QPI/Dram 1.2750
    Dram 1.64
    Those settings for stable 3.8 upped some for 4.0

    Running P6T deluxe
    True 120
    AS 5
    antec 900
  2. it's his cpu not cooling etc,

    you got a bad cpu so you need the higher voltage for overclocks, and cooling won't make a major difference to your vCore.
  3. You could try pencil modding your mobo to reduce vDroop, what you'll need:
    -A grpahite pencil
    -Your mobo
    -Cojones (Balls)

    The instructions are here:

    Do this at your own risk though.
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