Which way do I point my CPU Fan?

Man I feel like such a noob asking all these questions about building this PC... lol
Oh well, better to be safe than sorry. :)

I bought a new CPU fan, this one's a horizontal fan (Nexus AXM-8200), and I was wondering, which way do I point it? it seems like there are 2 possibilities. towards my PSU (at the top of the case) or towards the PCI cards (at the bottom of the case)
Which one would give me better cooling?
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  1. Blow hot air up...
  2. yes, definitely upwards. I just switched my cpu-cooler to blow hot air up rather than out from the back of the case and I noticed my idle temperatures dropped by 2-3c. Did not change anything else so I attributed the difference to my cooler set up.
  3. so my Nexus AXM-8200, how do I make that point up? the fan on it is side mounting and the heat pipes extrude from the top...

    Have I wasted my money on this fansink? :(
  4. No no i think it should be fine. I am not sure what case you have but with that cooler you should be able to turn the cooler in two possible directions. Either with the hot air blowing out the back of the case (provided you have a vent there) or with the hot air blowing upwards (also provided you have a vent there). If you dont have one on the top, no worries just place it with the hot air blowing through the back.

    Remember the bottom of the heatsink is a square, you cant turn it in any direction you want to.
  5. ^ Yep, either up or back.
  6. Depending on the case's ventilation really
    I have a Storm Sniper, with the Zalman 9700 and
    at the top of the SS There is a 200mm exhaust fan,
    so I turned my Zalman fan to point upwards, so the air has little time to linger in the case.
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