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I searched the forum but couldn't find the right combination of words to get any results and I haven't seen any definitive answer but, I am looking at getting either an 8800 GTS and I've narrowed it down to two cards and I need to know which is more important or what anyone thinks I should get. the cards are as fallows:

Option 1:

EVGA 640-P2-N829-AR 8800GTS SSC 640MB 320 bit
-Core clock : 576Mhz
-Memory clock : 1800MHz

People say the new version of this card has 112 or so stream processor's which is more than the previous version (not that I know what they are or do)

Option 2:

EVGA 512-P3-N845-AR 8800GTS (g92) "knock Out" edition 512MB 256 bit

-Core clock : 678
-Memory clock : 1944
-Stream processors : 128

so I want to know if its more important to have higher core and memory clock speeds or if its better to have higher memory size... im looking for a good FSX card, I know its mostly CPU game but I still want a good video card, I have a 22" widescreen lcd and am looking to SLI the card eventually. any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi Xsuspended X and welcome to the forum.

    The two cards you have listed do cause much confusion to those who dont understand the really quite complicated naming system Nvidia have chosen to follow.
    Basically you want the G92 card. It not only has as you say higher clocks but the number of Stream processors is higher. The stream processors are one of the most important features of a modern graphics card, In this case the two cards are built to more or less the same design so its easy to say that the card with more sp's and higher clocks will be able to move more information which will equal better performance.
    However its not that easy for all cards. ATI have a card called 3850 which while it has 320 sp's isnt as fast in games as the G92 GTS.
    You say you have narrowed it down to these two cards but have you considered the ATI 4850/4870 ?
    The 4850 is out now and is performing very well in benchmarks with its big brother the 4870 coming out soon.
    There is a review on the site http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/radeon-hd-4850,review-31011.html if you are interested in having a look.
    Any more questions please just ask
    Mactronix :)
  2. that evga card, which is the same one (or two) that I am running. I can tell you i am more than happy with mine. I dont know what games you play but playing Age of Conan I am Cranking 35 to 75 FPS in all areas with alot of different crap going on. This is with all setting high as they can go running shader 2.0 and 2X AA i believe, will check settings in the morning and update.
  3. I recently built my PC and I too had a hard time choosing a video card. I am 100% happy with my choice of the eVGA 8800 GTS 512mb (G92). It has not let me down in any benchmark or game at all.

    I don't play a big mix of games by any means, I primarily play CS 1.6 and CS Source. In source's stress test it scores 411. I downloaded a demo of Crysis and it handled that like a champ.

    It can be had at newegg for $195 after rebate. It comes overclocked at 670mhz. Search google for 8800 gts g92 and you will read nothing but good things. You can also read all of the newegg reviews at the below link.

  4. get the g92
  5. Nice. thanks for the input. mostly gunna be involved with Flight Sim X, im gunna pair it with a Q6600 and 4g's of ram so it should be a decent machine when its all said and done.
  6. XsuspendedX said:
    Nice. thanks for the input. mostly gunna be involved with Flight Sim X, im gunna pair it with a Q6600 and 4g's of ram so it should be a decent machine when its all said and done.

    Currently there are better overall options than the 8800GTS G92 512M, though that is a magnificent card and I use one. And it does have low power requirements.

    You can find faster cards for the money even ATI ones if you like, but FSX doesn't require the fastest card..so you would have to manufacture a scenario where a faster card actually is faster. You wouldn't be making a bad choice if you picked a G92.
  7. You want the 8800GTS 512, not the 640. I had the 640, it was great, but the newer G92 spanks the old G80 core. A buddy of mine has the 512 and I swapped out to see the difference...pretty noticeable. Unless you are getting some kind of outrageous cheap deal for the 640, get the 512 GTS and don't give it another thought.

    Trust me.
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