Problem during new build....please help!

I am running into an issue on a new build that has me stumped. I have everything in place, the PSU powers up, fans kick on but no signal is transmitted to the monitor. All components are new:
-AMD Phenom 9850
-9800 GX2 (evga)
-8 gig of DDR2
-2 WD Raptors
-PC Power and Cooling S75QB 750w
-Samsung 2253 LCD 22"

my first thought is that the problem is with the video card, but barring DOA, couldn't say what. The status LED say that is is receiving power. I have switched out the RAM (several times), tried both DVI and VGA connection to monitor. Tried both video out connections on the GPU. unhooked and reconnected EVERYTHING twice. any thoughts please?????
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  1. All your power connections to the GPU good? It needs a 6 and an 8 pin?
  2. If everything is connected properly, I would say either the psu is now outputting the rated power or the video card is DOA. It seems a lot of the 9800 GX2 from evga are doa.
  3. power seems to be good based on the GPU LED. Is it possible it could be a compatibility issue with that mobo? The board seems to be geared more towards ATI beacause it supports crossfire and not SLI, but I would assume that it would still run a single nvidia GPU.
  4. Hmmm....just for testing the system :
    Have you tried to connect it to other monitors?
    Have you try to use the same mobo and monitor but another GPU?
    This is needed to locate the problem (your VGA card or your monitor).
  5. We tried a different monitor but no change. I have not tried another GPU yet though primarily because the one my friend has in his setup is outdated.
  6. vote for defect GPU
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