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The other day I booted up my computer and I got the error BOOT FAILED INSERT SYTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. So I went and booted up a live version of Linux to see if I needed to reinstall Linux on it (im dual booting Win7 and Ubuntu) but when I go to reinstall, it wont see my hard drive either, and neither will my BIOS. I tryed using different cables, a different SATA port, but no luck. does this mean my hard drive is fried, or can i still salvage it?
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  1. Check to see if it can be seen under the "manage" selection in W7, i.e. right click my computer and manage should be there. If it isn't there, much less in the BIOS, it appears as if it is fried.

    How old is the drive?
  2. Sounds like your hard drive has taken a dump. You may want to check it with the manufacturer's hard drive utility and see if it available or can be repaired. It has been my experience to ALWAYS put different OS's on different physical drives. Microsoft recommends this and after having systems totally fail after a short time of operation I have stuck to this and have had no failures of the drives due to corruption. If the drive does not show up with the manufacture's tools and your bios settings are correct then I would suggest that you replace the drive. Hopefully it is under warranty. Good luck.
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