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Hi all,
I have a netgear WGR614 router with netgear WG311 wireless adapter. It was working fine until couple weeks ago. I get an error saying wireless network is out of range. I didn't do anything to it. Fine, so I connect via cat5 and I'm able to get online. I reset the router, reset the modem, still can't connect via wireless. I even update the firmware on the router, still nothing. I even update the firmware for the adapter.

So I thought the router is going bad. I went and pick up a Trendnet 300Mbps N Gigabit router. It still says wireless network is out of range. I happens on all the computers at home. I have 2 desktop and 1 laptop, all were working fine on wireless in the past. Now, none can connect via wireless. What am I doing wrong? Pls help.

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  1. something could have changed in your environment which is interfering with your wireless single. Things like bluetooth and microwaves run a the same frequency as 802.11a/b. 2.4Ghz

    802.11 runs at 5Ghz.... not sure about your problem there.

    Get netstumbler (its free) installed on one of your wireless laptops and it will show signal strength, interference and noise(SNR)

    Optimize your wireless network!
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