Overclocking my amd phenom 9650 quad-core

So i overclocked my amd phenom 9650 quad-core processor 2,3Ghz and now i have overclocked it to 2,8Ghz. My motherboard Info:

Supported Slot Types PCI, AGP
Manufacturer MSI
Model MS-7374
Version 1.0
BIOS Vendor American Megatrends Inc.
BIOS Version V3.1
BIOS Release Date 06/03/2008
BIOS Properties Plug and Play, Flash

K9N2 SLI Platinum / K9N2 Zilent

is this good or what? my CPU VCORE 1,26V and the CPU temp is 29 celsius
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  1. Not too bad for a Phenom 1. I don't know how much you have messed with it, but with that voltage it looks like you may just be able to get 3.0 out of it. I haven't heard of many P1s going more than 3.2 gigs.
  2. okay:) but its kinda unstable. Gets some blue screens here and there:p so i downed it to 2,6Ghz :p But thanks for answering:)
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