A bonehead question about P5Q Pro and cables

Just ordered my new system from Newegg and realized that, since my HDD and DVD drive were OEM, they wouldn't come with cables. Does the P5Q Pro come with all the necessary cords to hook those up out of the box, or will I have to go out and buy some extra cabling? The HDD and DVD are both SATA.
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  1. The board should have you covered. Look at the pics on newegg and see what it comes with. I was looking earlier and it looked like it came with lots of cables.
  2. Thanks for the reassurance. I was worried because, in the specs on Newegg, they don't give quantities for the cables. So according to that list it comes with at least one, but no indication of exactly how many (and I need two). However, if you good people can see the cables in the pics, then I guess that clears that up. Plus I just checked the Asus site and it does list 4 SATA cables. So just a listing oversight by Newegg I guess.
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