3dmark06 reads my PC at 6000 points too low


I understand this seems petty seeing as my card works perfectly but it's a replacement card and i'll really like to accurately gauge the differences between this and my own card.

So i replaced a 3850 with an overclocked 8800gt and i want to see the difference. In games I get

Team fortress2: 120 fps average
Crysis: 40 fps average (yes, on very high!!!)
and all of my games perform well.

So my 3dmark06 test has me getting a 9200, and when i hit the "more info" button on the online score log it shows my gpu to have a core and memory clocks of 0.0

System Specs:

Processor: Intel C2D e8400 @ 3.6ghz
Mobo: Gigabyte P35 Ds3l rev2.0
RAM: 4gb @ 800mhz PC 6400 OCZ
GPU: Zotac 8800gt AMP! edition 700/2000
PSU :700w Tagan SLI certified PSU

I have all of the latest drivers and bios.

With my 3850 i was getting around 10000-13000 and i want to know how much better this is. A lot is the truth but I really wan to see.

Thanks for any help,
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  1. How far is it overclocked? What you described can happen if you push it too far and hit minor errors during 3dmark benching. 8800gt goes up to 700mhz core reliably and sometimes to 750mhz. If higher, tune it down a bit and see what happens.
  2. thats weird. my system is half that and gets 10200. Shot in the dark... is it being sufficiently cooled and not underclocking itself? thats the best i can think of.
    good luck.
  3. Well, TF2 didn't like my overclock at 3.6ghz but Crysis did. I think we all know which game is better so i'll lose the overclock. Re-testing now. I'll have an update in the morning.
  4. Crysis is amazing. All high DX9 @ 1360x768 2x AA. Don't run it stock, OC.
  5. So TF2 greatly improved after losing the overclock. I'm going to see how crysis responds this afternoon. Plus, i'm using the stock heatsink so heat could play a problem in my performance issues.
  6. hl2 wont even run with my gpu overclock, but crysis gets better and better. its quite annoying.
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