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I'd like to get a preview of Adobe Photoshop filed (psd) displayed in Windows Explorer (XP). Many others are shown e.g. bmp, jpg, png) but no psd files.
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  1. Thanks for the link, but this isn't what I'm looking for. I don't need any image viewer.

    When opening a file in an application and selecting a folder with images, a thumbnail picture is displayed alongside the filename so that a ready indication is available as to what the picture contains without having to open the picture. This is i.a. available for jpg, also for bmp and png, but not for psd (Photoshop).
    I am using Windows XP SP3.
  2. Thank you, this looks very promising.
  3. Attn Hang-The-9

    After reading all the stuff in your link I downloaded and installed ThumbView Lite 1.0 and this little program actually solves my problem. Thank you once again for your fine help.
  4. Glad it helped you.
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