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:bounce: My Dell Dimension 9100 was becoming slow, so I got IObit Advanced SystemCare 3.6.1 Pro. Everything was fine until I realized Fast User Switching didn't work. When I would click switch user nothing would happen. So I went to the control panel and enabled fast user switching, but the same thing would happen. :pfff: This has been going on for a month now and is getting rather annoying :cry: . Please help?
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  1. Not to intentionally spark a debate on whether or not to use registry cleaners (don't :sol: ), possible it may have changed or deleted a Reg Key or value. It may have "optimized" by turning off the Fast User Switching service.
    To Check go to: Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services, then scroll down to "Fast User Switching" right-click "Properties" and set to "Automatic" and make sure it is "Started" restart computer. Then see if problem is still occurring.

    *edited my spelling* :ange:
  2. OK I'll try that.
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