Lian Li have done it again.

I dont know if anyone else has pointed out this case but it looks gorgeous.


Who can point me to another case that has the external bays side mounted so that it doesnt conflict with aesthetics, the 3 massive 140mm fans front mounted, included hard drive back planes to limit cables and my god its good looking. The only thing ive got against it is the 2x80mm fans that i would think would be very audible, but even the review states thats not the case.
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  1. I have a PC-61B and I love it, best case I have ever used. The style and functionality are both there.

    As far as noise, my case has 4 80mm fans that came with it, and it is still at an acceptable volume level in my opinion.

    Also, I am a fanboy for one company, Lian-Li, and I'll admit that I am.
  2. I believe ive turned into a fanboi since my A70's that i bought, and im almost proud of it lol
  3. yeah lian li again
  4. I am not a lian-li fan usually, but this is a bad aS$ case. Prepare to cry at the price :(
  5. Nice case. I am not sold on the use of space inside however... Its one of those occasions when the Lian-Li went for a toilet break in the middle of the X2000 design process!! It looks great but the design is flawed...

    It would be better (IMHO) with less fan acreage at the front. 4x 5.25" (still facing sideways) stacked as 2x5.25" side by side flush with the front on the case. Get rid of that deadspace at the top... (Whats that for?? - you ain't going to fit a watercooling loop inside that case for example) The PSU wants to mount in a bottom compartment with nothing else in it... No problems with those 1600Watt PSUs then!! Case would be the same height but with a much tidier internal layout with all the weight at the bottom (HD & PSU)...

    How the X2000 got such a high score is beyond me...

    My favourite Lian-Li case at present is:
    an real nice update on the PC7077 I already own... OK I may be biased but this case is a total grand-daddy for a watercooling mod. and even has a (standard-spaced) triple-rad top option direct from Lian-Li... Sweet!!

  6. Does anyone know where I can find a manual for a pc-v1100 plus II case? I purchased this cased used and I am now a tad intimidated by the innards (first time builder here). Would anyone be able to email me a PDF of the manual? I would be eternally grateful.

  7. It's ok, but certainly not remotely innovate or good looking.
  8. bobwya said:
    Get rid of that deadspace at the top... (Whats that for?? - you ain't going to fit a watercooling loop inside that case for example)

    That's where the optical drives go. They face sideways so the front panel looks clean. Also, they don't expect you to put a watercooling loop inside because they provide outlets for the piping in the back of the case.

    I think its an excellent case. Too bad it's going to cost more than my entire computer. I wish they would hire a marketing person that could speak English.

    Edit: Oh you meant on top of the power supply? Sorry. Yea, I have no idea what that's for.
  9. Edit: I actually like this one.

    for a mid-tower (a big mid-tower) I am a big fan of the new V series (1010). They finally redesigned it to allow for non-inverted mobo instalation, it's expandable in terms of fans (chipset fan included plus you can get a fan for the expansion card area), it looks as good as Lian Li ever did, and I like the new top mounted multimedia panel.

    Lian Li is the cadillac of all cases. They sure are pricey, though.
  10. Very nice case and with the right mods Im sure you could get a full watercooling loop inside.

    Too pricey at $600 though for the average person.
  11. That thing is **** HUGE! Absolutely beautiful though; Lian-Li is in a class of its own as far as I'm concerned.
  12. thsi thing looks v Nice, many cases these days look really plasticy (cough Cosmos cough)

    my much older coolermaster wavemaster and stacker look a hell of a lot better thanj modern case, this lian li case is like them just amazing.

    Also i like the fact that the PSU is mounted above the motherboard i hate low mounted PSU they dont help air flow at all.
  13. Does look really nice... though, it won't make my bank account look.. nice. :cry:
  14. too fuc***** tall
  15. Also on the subject of other annoyances with Lian-Li cases... What is this **** with super expensive Server cases with stupid "casters" (actually rollers) things that only go forwards and backwards or even worse are just fitted with case feet. Its about time they put proper casters on these cases... Save me having to fit them myself... :pfff:

    Lets face it who wants to lift around one of these monster cases... Being able to go a straight line or a very shallow arc around the room (on the stock Lian-Li "caster"-type thingys) isn't much of an improvement either!! :non:

    If any engineers from Lian-Li are listening... We (the customers) are not happy!! :sol: :sol: :sol:

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