Remote computer with no monitor, help!

I have a remote computer that I long into with VNC. It has no monitor, keyboard or mouse hooked to this remote computer. When it is booted up with no monitor hooked up the only resolution available is 800x600 which is the default minimum of XP.

My question here is can that be change to another resolution?

The remote computer has an old Nvidia RIVA TNT 16meg card.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I can't remember if VNC has a setting to choose the resolution (it should). Due to my using Remote Desktop (which does have this option) but you should be able to get it to 1024x768 (not greatest, but better than 800x600).
  2. VNC does not have settings to control screen resolution, it just goes with whatever resolution is used in the windows system properties.

    Are you on updated (as updated as they can be...) drivers? 800x600 sounds like the microsoft driver in operation.
  3. Maybe you all did not understand me and sorry for that. This is not a VNC or "Remote Desktop" problem as I will try to explain next.

    If I have a monitor hooked to the video card at boot time, the system reads the monitor available settings and then I can change resolution with either VNC or "Remote Desktop" to whatever I want that the monitor and the VC support.

    Now here comes the dig on this. If the monitor is disconnected from the VC and the system is rebooted, then there is no monitor settings to read and all that is available if the lowest WinXP settings. 800 by 600 I hope this can be changed, but I have not found out HOW.

    Just hoping someone here might have a clue. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have the same problem, did you find a solution?
  5. Fredwells, I dont remember if I did. I dont think so. I rented a VPS and that one I can change the resolution on. XP did not like my server and locked up every 4 days. Bios conflict I was told.

    Sorry I cant be more help. VPS is running 2003 server OS.
  6. Bringing back an old thread I know, but it's always useful for google searchers! If you use a VGA dummy plug then you will be able to VNC in any res you want! A VGA dummy plug is basically a VGA connector with 68 - 80 Ohm resistors connecting the Red, Green + Blue Pins (1+6, 2+7, 3+8). People used to use them for folding GPU's back in the day. With this you can also multi monitor VNC a computer which has no monitors plugged in. Very neat.
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